The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications

From time to time, someone asks me, What do I need to know to effectively raise funds?

I generally stammer out something that I hope will be helpful – something like Make it all about your donors or Don't forget to ask.

Of course, one-sentence advice won't take you very far.

But being asked the question is what got me started writing The Fundraiser's Guide to Irresistible Communications.

If you're someone who wants to do fundraising right … if you want to work with knowledge, not hunch and superstition … this book is for you.

Based on decades of hands-on fundraising with dozens of great nonprofits, this book zeroes in on the hard stuff, the surprising, counterintuitive things that most often trip up fundraisers.

You won't find wild-eyed, speculative theories in this book. Just  solid, experiential practices.

This is the book you can show your meddling, know-it-all executive director or board member who insists on taking all the life and effectiveness out of our fundraising. See? An actual printed book says it should be like this!

Here's what some excellent people who've read the book are saying:

"An instant classic that will be read and reread obsessively by the fundraisers of this world."
Tom Ahern

"This simple, smart, and fun-to-read book is for those aspiring to a black belt in fundraising. If you're in fundraising and this book isn't on your bookshelf, dog-eared, underlined, and well-worn, you've been shortchanging yourself and the organization you serve."
Roger M. Craver

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