You: Raising money for a great cause. You believe the way to do that is by knowing more about donors and reaching them on their terms.

Is that you?

Then let's get in touch. I can help you.

Because I also believe the key to success in fundraising is right in front of our faces: It's loving and respecting donors. It's showing them how their values connect with our causes.  It's telling them beautiful stories about themselves. This is far more than an ideal that inspires us to work harder or care more. It's a living reality, made up of specific strategies and proven tactics that make fundraising more successful.

If you believe as I do that we can raise a lot more money by focusing on donors ... then we just might be great partners. 

I can help you build a coherent, powerful fundraising plan. I can help you learn from your past successes and failures.  I can help you find the right words and pictures that will touch your donors' hearts and minds. See what I have to offer. Then let's talk.