A yellowed handbill that can be found in attics or pasted to the shelves in kitchen cupboards in almost any house in Calcutta:

!The Fountain of Youth!

for which the Conquistadors sought and Mankind has dreamed

Not a Myth --

Calcutta Water

The water of this fountain can now be purchased by all in BOTTLES.

Calcutta Water

Many have drunk this Miracle Draught and all testify its healthy and delightful effects . . .

"My wife has borne 6 children in 5 years, and we attribute this wholly to Calcutta Water."

W.E.B., Pittsburgh

"I have known increased vigor and sharpness of mind since drinking Calcutta Water."

Z.R.B., Centerville

"When Distemper struck my hounds, I nursed them on Calcutta Water and not one died."

J.B., Weirton

Calcutta Water

The effervescent water bubbles from a hillside over the lovely town of Calcutta, Ohio, its touch a pleasure to the skin. Before it mingles with the water of ordinary springs to refresh the River Ohio, it is gathered by the good Present of the valley and sealed in pure glass bottles.

Available for purchase.

Calcutta Water